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ESP E-II Horizon FR-7 Review

ESP E-II Horizon FR-7 review

I have finally found the time to do an ESP E-II Horizon FR-7 review. At first sight, I realized that this 7-string guitar is capable of surprising. After all, it’s literally made for playing Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. It even looks powerful, and its sound is astonishing. Assembled in Japan, it is a model of high-quality construction. I could go on and on in my compliments, but let’s take a closer look at the features that make it so special. Here we go.

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ESP E-II Eclipse DB Review

ESP E-II Eclipse DB review

Many musicians have long trusted the ESP Eclipse. And in this ESP E-II Eclipse DB review, I will tell you about the model from the E-II series, which replaced the ESP Standard line in 2014. It’s something between LTD and USA models; it’s quite affordable and made in Japan. But this is not a budget version, and its capabilities speak for themselves. So let’s take a closer look at it.

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Yamaha Revstar Standard RSS20 Review

Yamaha Revstar Standard RSS20 review

If you’ve been dreaming of attracting attention with your guitar, the Yamaha Revstar Standard RSS20 review is for you. At least this model makes a strong impression on me. The design is just “wow,” but also some features of the guitar are unusual, I would say unique, which makes it “stand out from the crowd” in all senses. And the price is affordable. I am in anticipation and invite you to get an introduction to this miracle.

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Yamaha PAC611HFM Review

Yamaha PAC611HFM review

So, Yamaha. The brand that ranks among the leaders in manufacturing guitars (and not only) is taking it to the next level with its Pacifica lineup, featuring excellent build quality, magical design, and affordable prices. In this Yamaha PAC611HFM review, I will tell you about one that is sure to grab your attention. The mid-priced segment makes it affordable for those who dream of playing a worthwhile instrument. I can’t wait, can you?

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Yamaha PAC012DLX Review

Yamaha PAC012DLX review

Yamaha is known for producing budget guitars with high build and sound quality. And today, I have a Yamaha PAC012DLX review for you, where I will examine this kind of instrument. The Pacifica 012 Deluxe is a special version of Yamaha’s most affordable model. It has a different color and is made of different wood, …

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Fender Special Edition Custom Telecaster Review

Fender Special Edition Custom Telecaster review

When you hear a Telecaster, you know we’re talking about the popular Fender guitar. But what if the manufacturer decided to surprise you this time? I offer you the Fender Special Edition Custom Telecaster review, an unusual model with several differences from the classic version. But such differences take the Telecaster to a new level of sound. Are you ready? Go for it!

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Fender Player Telecaster Review

Fender Player Telecaster review

Well, ambiguous instruments always cause a storm of controversy, and fans of this or that brand come up with unsound nicknames for competitors. For example, such as “the one-armed pony,” which was awarded to the Telecaster. In this Fender Player Telecaster review, I will tell you what I think of this guitar. After all, there’s a reason it’s used by such popular musicians today as Brad Paisley and Vince Gill. Isn’t it interesting? Let’s find out.

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Fender Player Stratocaster HSS Review

Fender Player Stratocaster HSS review

I think anyone who knows about guitars in one way or another knows about Fender. In this Fender Player Stratocaster HSS review, I will tell you why a guitar born in 1954 still deserves the best reviews from musicians. The embodiment of the classics combined with modern electronics is a great choice for affordable money. It’s likely to be the instrument that stays with you for life.

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How Long Do Electric Guitars Last?

How long do electric guitars last

If you are a serious musician, it doesn’t depend on how long ago you started playing the guitar. But, sooner or later, you are bound to wonder what the average lifespan of an electric guitar is. To answer this question, you have to look at several aspects that determine how long the electric guitar lasts.

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Do Guitars Sound Better Without Paint?

Do guitars sound better without paint

Sometimes your guitar needs a paint job. This can happen for various reasons: the coating has worn off, or you want to give the instrument a personality. I will explain how painting an acoustic or electric guitar affects sound and tone in this article. I will also tell you how and what kind of paint you should cover your instrument if necessary. In the end, you’ll see whether your guitar sounds better without painting at all. Join in

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Can I Play Electric Guitar Without Amp?

Can I play electric guitar without amp

Playing an electric guitar involves loud sound provided through an amplifier. But guitar amps often cost more than the guitar itself, and beginners often don’t have the money for them. In addition, there are situations where using an amp is impossible, raising the question of whether you can play electric guitar without an amp.

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